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BBscore is your go-to AI Live Football Score App in Brazil.

All New AI Predictions and Analysis of Team’s Winning Percentage, Penalties, Squad Lineups, Final Standings, Live Stream, and Instant Notifications.


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AI Prediction - Match Winning Percentage

A revolution for a Football Live Scores App. Take advantage of AI Prediction Technology to get the match winning percentage for Home and Away team! Accurate forecasts from Match statistics – yellow and red card penalties, goals shot, corner kicks, and more. Place your faith in the latest artificial intelligence (AI) insights. Stay ahead of the game.

Live Streaming HD Football Match Online

Watch real-time HD Live Streaming Football Match Online on BBscore App. From Championship to League Table, every second is crystal-clear HD. A function combining Live Chat interactions with energetic sports fans.

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World Football Leagues & Soccer Competitions

Love all World Football Leagues & Soccer Competitions? Why not have them all. English Premier League (EPL), Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, Bundesliga, UEFA Europa League, Ligue 1, and many top of the world leagues. BBscore connects you to live soccer matches. See League Recommendation, Overview, Standings, Knockout, and Top Scorers. All in-demand features in one place.

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Add Favourite to Track a Match

Now you can Favourite a league championship and a specific team to track match schedule, add them to your favourite list, and stay notified. Easily get to Overview that includes Live Competition, Match Stats, Important Events, Lineups and Match data.

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AI Chat Expert Assistance

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Let AI personalise your Live Football Match experience like never before. Chat expert that can fetch your request.

Ask questions like:

  1. Quick summary of this match
  2. AI Prediction for this game
  3. Last week’s team results
  4. Upcoming for football team
  5. Detailed Comparison of 2 teams
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Get Global League Overview

One click Overview for every Global Football League; engage Recommended Match, Team of the Week, League Introduction, and more. Access quick statistic to Number of Teams, Rounds Played, Most Valuabl Player, and Average Goals. All within your reach.

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Can I Watch Live Stream Football Matches on BBscore?

Yes, you can watch free live-streaming football matches on BBscore, get into real-time action on the field

Can I Get Past Match Results And Statistics on BBscore?

Yes, BBscore provides past match statistics, including extensive analysis of the team performance, player stats, goals scored, and other critical metrics, allowing users to analyze and study historical data to understand the team and their strategy better.

Can I Get Team Standings For a Specific League?

Yes, simply click on “Leagues” in the app. Select your league for the Standings, Groups, Knockouts, Matches, and Top Scorers.

I "Favourite" Or "Star" A Specific Match For Notifications, But There Are No Notifications When The Match Has Updates. What Can I Do?

Enter your system settings, or this App settings. Ensure the BBscore app is enabled for Notification in the System Settings. Reopen the app, unstar, and favorite the match again. If this continues, rest assured to send us feedback for an update/bug fix.

How Do I Add A League To My Favourite Leagues For Football Live Scores?

Go to the App, select the “Leagues” page, pick your favorite league, and star it to your favorites.

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