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BBscore: Empowering Football Fans Worldwide

BBscore, the revolutionary AI live football scores app series designed specifically for the passionate football fans of Brazil and the world. Launched in May 2024, BBscore provides real-time live score updates, one-click match analysis, and clear match statistics overview directly to your device. Stay ahead of the game results with our advanced AI technology that not only tracks scores but also interprets complex match dynamics, offering insights that enrich your viewing experience and prediction on winning percentage.

BBscore Live Football is currently based at 66 Hudson Blvd E, New York, NY 10001, United States. With cloud office serving Brazil users and the surrounding countries who is enthusiatics for football events.


To redefine the live football experience globally, uniting fans through advanced AI technology and immersive community engagement.


We’re committed to delivering real-time, insightful football updates and fostering fan connection worldwide through BBscore, enhancing the excitement of every match moment.

With BBscore, you can follow every kick, penalty, and goal from local Brazilian leagues to top international competitions. Customize your notifications to get alert updates about your favorite leagues, teams, and matches, never miss a moment of the act. Our intuitive interface promises live scores, player statistics, and team standings are always accessible, making BBscore an indispensable tool for both casual supporters and die-hard football enthusiasts.

More than live scores, BBscore features a community space, allowing fans to interact during live video stream matches, share opinions, and connect over shared team passion. No matter if you’re at home, at work, or on the go, BBscore brings the excitement of every stadium straight to you. Prepare for a new era of live football experience with BBscore, where technology meets tradition in the soul of every football culture.

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