EUROCUP 2024: Power Rankings and Key Statistics

EUROCUP 2024: Power Rankings and Key Statistics

As EuroCup 2024 approaches, the excitement is building among fans and analysts alike, who are keen to see which teams will emerge as the frontrunners. Here, with the power of BBscore‘s AI technology, we delve into the power rankings and key statistics that could shape the outcomes of EuroCup 2024, offering insights into the strengths, weaknesses, and recent performances of the top contenders.

Power Rankings: The EuroCup 2024 Top Contenders


France remains one of the most formidable teams heading into EuroCup 2024. With a wealth of talent across the pitch, the French squad is built on a solid foundation of world-class players. Kylian Mbappé leads the attack with his blistering pace and goal-scoring prowess, while N’Golo Kanté and Paul Pogba provide stability and creativity in midfield. The French defense, anchored by Raphaël Varane, is equally impressive. France’s recent performances, including their 2018 World Cup win and strong showing in subsequent tournaments, solidify their position at the top of the power rankings.

Key Statistics:

– Recent Major Tournaments: 2018 World Cup Winners, 2020 Euro Runners-up

– FIFA Ranking: Top 5

– Key Player: Kylian Mbappé (Goals in 2022-2023 Season: 40)


As the host nation, Germany will have the advantage of home support, which historically boosts performance. The German squad, managed by Hansi Flick, is a mix of experienced veterans and young talents. Players like Joshua Kimmich, Leroy Sané, and Jamal Musiala are expected to shine. Germany’s tactical flexibility and depth make them a formidable opponent for any team.

Key Statistics:

– Recent Major Tournaments: 2014 World Cup Winners, Semi-finalists in multiple Euros

– FIFA Ranking: Top 10

– Key Player: Joshua Kimmich (Assists in 2022-2023 Season: 15)


Spain has undergone a renaissance under the guidance of Luis Enrique. Known for their possession-based style of play, La Roja’s squad features a blend of seasoned professionals and emerging stars. Pedri, the young midfield sensation, alongside veterans like Sergio Busquets, provides a balanced approach. Spain’s ability to control the game and break down defenses makes them a strong contender.

Key Statistics:

– Recent Major Tournaments: 2010 World Cup Winners, 2012 Euro Winners

– FIFA Ranking: Top 10

– Key Player: Pedri (Pass Completion Rate: 92%)


The reigning European champions, Italy, are determined to defend their title. Under Roberto Mancini, the Azzurri have developed a resilient and dynamic playing style. Key players like Federico Chiesa and Gianluigi Donnarumma are crucial to their success. Despite missing the 2022 World Cup, Italy’s recent track record in the Euros and Nations League highlights their capability.

Key Statistics:

– Recent Major Tournaments: 2020 Euro Winners, 2021 Nations League Finalists

– FIFA Ranking: Top 10

– Key Player: Federico Chiesa (Goals in 2022-2023 Season: 18)


England, led by Gareth Southgate, is another team with high expectations. The Three Lions boast a squad rich with talent, including the likes of Harry Kane, Jude Bellingham, and Phil Foden. England’s journey to the finals of EuroCup 2020 and their strong World Cup performance in 2018 underline their potential to go all the way in EuroCup 2024.

Key Statistics:

– Recent Major Tournaments: 2020 Euro Runners-up, 2018 World Cup Semi-finalists

– FIFA Ranking: Top 5

– Key Player: Harry Kane (Goals in 2022-2023 Season: 30)


Belgium, with their ‘Golden Generation,’ remains a strong contender. Players like Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku, and Thibaut Courtois bring experience and skill to the team. Although they have underperformed in recent major tournaments, their individual talent and cohesive play make them a team to watch.

Key Statistics:

– Recent Major Tournaments: 2018 World Cup Semi-finalists, consistently high FIFA rankings

– FIFA Ranking: Top 5

– Key Player: Kevin De Bruyne (Assists in 2022-2023 Season: 20)


Portugal, with Cristiano Ronaldo likely making his final major tournament appearance, will be driven to succeed. Alongside Ronaldo, players like Bruno Fernandes and João Félix add depth and creativity to the squad. Portugal’s recent success in the Nations League and their competitive spirit make them a formidable opponent.

Key Statistics:

– Recent Major Tournaments: 2016 Euro Winners, 2019 Nations League Winners

– FIFA Ranking: Top 10

– Key Player: Cristiano Ronaldo (International Goals: 123)

Key Statistics to Watch at EuroCup 2024

Goals Scored

Goals are the lifeblood of football, and tracking the top goal scorers provides insight into which teams have the most potent attacks. Players like Mbappé, Kane, and Ronaldo are expected to be among the top goal-scorers of the EuroCup 2024 tournament.


Creating goals is just as important as scoring them. Players like De Bruyne and Kimmich, known for their vision and passing ability, will be critical in setting up their teammates and unlocking defenses.

Pass Completion Rate

Midfield control is often a key determinant of a team’s success. High pass completion rates from players like Pedri and Jorginho indicate a team’s ability to maintain possession and dictate the pace of the game.

Clean Sheets

Defensive solidity is crucial in tournament football. Goalkeepers like Donnarumma and Courtois, along with their defensive units, will be aiming to keep as many clean sheets as possible to give their teams a strong foundation.

Dark Horses and Emerging Teams at EuroCup 2024

While the power rankings highlight the favorites, tournaments like the EuroCup often see dark horses and emerging teams making a significant impact. Teams like Denmark and Croatia have shown in recent tournaments that they can compete with the best, thanks to their tactical acumen and collective spirit.


Denmark’s impressive run in EuroCup 2020, reaching the semi-finals, showcased their potential. Players like Christian Eriksen and Kasper Schmeichel provide experience and quality, making Denmark a team that can upset the bigger names.


Croatia, led by the evergreen Luka Modrić, continues to punch above their weight. Their journey to the World Cup final in 2018 and consistent performances in the Nations League highlight their resilience and quality.


The EuroCup tournament will be extensively covered by media across the globe, with major broadcasters like the BBC, ESPN, and ARD/ZDF securing rights to televise the matches. Famous live score apps like it will also be updating the tournament results in real-time. To stay updated, download the BBscore Live Sports Scores App on Google Play or the Live Sports App on iOS.

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